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Ah, WISH. I wish upon a star that I would be in WISH right now.” Yelp- Hillary L.

“My love affair with San Francisco started and may probably end at the WISH. It is a small elegant lounge bar in SOMA with great music and a fantastic ambiance… Time and time again, I'm treated great at this bar.”  Yelp - Lauren J

“Wish delivers with a sexy, classy look, friendly staff, outstanding drinks, and great music to set the mood for whatever you're there for. In a city that seems catered to certain cliques and certain roles, I really appreciated it."  Yelp- Doctor J


Throw your birthday party at WISH! Info@wishsf.com

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Welcome to WISH Bar and Lounge, where House music has a home. Located on the western edge of San Francisco’s SOMA district, WISH is a New York style lounge featuring the best local House music DJ’s in an intimate environment. Situated in a 1920’s concrete building once used as an iron forge, WISH has transformed this high-ceilinged 1500 square foot space into a sexy den of wood, leather, red velvet, and glowing candles.

WISH is the ideal spot to have a drink with yourself and hear good music, to meet friends for Happy Hour, or to just go large at night . We love helping you celebrate your birthday or any other special occasion. Most table reservations are accommodated without a bottle service requirement, although we have a very competitive bottle service program available for your convenience.

  • 1500 square feet
  • 10’ ceilings
  • Classic San Francisco architecture
  • Comfortable lounge seating
  • Free wi-fi
  • Great natural light during the day, can be blacked out
  • Maximum recycling and compost approach
  • Available for parties or events 11AM-2AM daily
  • Ample street parking, plus attended $5 garage parking on 12th & Kissling
  • Convenient to excellent restaurants, downtown, and freeway access
  • We do not serve food but you are welcome to bring it in


As a high volume bar, WISH has hundreds of people walk through our doors on a weekly basis.  Managing our resources, consumption and impact is very important to us as a business and as contributors to our community.

By taking steps to assure we reduce at our maximum ability, we recycle all of our alcohol bottles, aluminum cans, and only use compostable water bottles and straws made from corn.  All of our cocktail garnishes, popcorn, pretzels and all paper goods are compostable. This allows us the most “low to no waste” system so that we can maintain a minimal landfill contribution.

We inspect for leaks to reduce excess water usage as well as use low flow toilets to reduce our overall water consumption. Doing most of our business at night, we are an “off-peak” electrical user.

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WISH is a connoisseur of imbibing at all levels, from PBR to Don Julio 1942 tequila. We offer you  a wide selection of quality vodka, gin tequila, whiskey, rye and scotch. Our custom specialty cocktails are designed by our amazing bartenders, whose expertise and passion for what they do is manifested in these creations.

Most table reservations are accommodated without a bottle service requirement, although we have a very competitive bottle service program available for your convenience.

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WISH has received many accolades, including World’s Best Neighborhood Bar by 7x7 Magazine, Best Happy Hour Bar by San Francisco Magazine, and is rated 4 stars on Yelp. There is something about WISH you have to feel to understand, maybe this is why so many people have met at WISH and have married. Here are a couple of full Yelp reviews by a few of our exuberant fans:

Reviewed by Martin W.
When you WISH upon a bar
Makes no difference who you are!
Any drink your heart desires
Will pour for you.

If your heart is on your sleeve
They won't tell your ass to leave
Cheery folk are welcome here
They're chee-ry, too.

WISH is kind
It pours for those who drink
Spirits, beers, you're right to think
But popcorn, tooooo...

Like a bolt out of the blue
WISH steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a bar
Your drinks pour true!

Reviewed by Jeremy G.
You know when you walk into a bar and instantly fall in love? When you want to run and meet up with said bar in a wheat field and bestow it with kisses and whisper sweet nothings in its ear under a sycamore tree and then carve your names in a heart shape on its bark (Wish + Jeremy = Forever)?  Well, I had one of those experiences last night.

Here is my ode to WISH:
I love your red candlelight.
I love your Frankie something Hefeweizen.
I love your attractive female bartenders.
I love your Asian man break dancing in the back by himself.
I love your black square tables and cozy couches.
I love your DJ spinning swanky tunes.
I love your moderate size.
I love you WISH.

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WISH has DJ’s every night we are open, and over the years has become home to many established and up-and-coming artists. DJ’s support WISH because of the opportunity to express themselves in a friendly, non-traditional venue. The DJ talent at WISH is across the board incredible, and we are grateful for the partnership that exists between the venue and the performers.

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For information on events, bookings, opportunities or anything else please email info@wishsf.com

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